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About Us

Merkurios Group Holdings LLC is a privately held company with a diversified strategy across several energy sectors.  We believe that the strength of our portfolio benefits customers who seek efficiency and solutions to their strategic and tactical challenges.


The Company prioritizes people, environment, property and the reputation of its customers.


From our offices in Houston, Mexico City, Ciudad del Carmen, and soon in Bogota and Rio de Janeiro we are a strategic and accessible partner for our customers by consistently meeting their requirements on time, within specifications and within budget.



We believe in human dignity and that there is inherent value in respecting individuals, their societies, and their cultures.  This includes our customers, our employees, our suppliers and the communities where we work.



We believe that humans are endowed with an entrepreneural spirit, which leads them to build and grow their businesses.  In turn, these benefit society, families, and individuals.  As such, we believe that by promoting resilience, we promote sustainable stewardship in favor of communities and the environment.



We are committed to the Health, Safety, Quality and the Environment in our operations, our culture, and in the performance of our contractual committments.



We aim to be outstanding by the degree of attention and effort we deliver to our customers by exceeding their expectations, performing services within the agreed time scope, time frames and specifications.



We act with consistency between our words and our actions, while maintaining strong ethical standards within and outside of our organizations.  We work with honesty and tranparency in all we do.



We blend experience with creativity.  We endeavor to innovate in the fulfillment of the expectations of our customers.  This allows us to deliver the solutions desired by our customers, whilst we add value by improving our process and being efficient in cost control.

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